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Your brand exists in an experience-driven world, and it’s more important than ever to craft every facet of your customer’s interaction with your brand.

Modern brands set themselves apart by understanding the ways in which their customers interact with their brand and by taking control of them. From digital touchpoints like apps and websites to live touchpoints in stores and offices, successful brands realize that each and every one is an opportunity to make a great first impression, to reinforce a positive feeling, or turn around an unfavorable sentiment.

Arise has a unique, multidisciplinary team that includes expert designers, developers, user experience professionals, award-winning interior designers, and product designers. We’ve got the skills and expertise to tackle anything you can imagine. Our team stays informed regarding the latest in tools and trends to make sure your brand’s experience is always on the cutting edge, helping you stay ahead of your competition.

Brand Experience Services

Web Design & Development

Your website is the hub of all digital activity for your brand. Having a streamlined website that provides users the information they need when they need it is an absolutely critical part of a well-oiled marketing machine. We specialize in Wordpress and 'headless' CMS solutions, such as Prismic,, and Contentful.

User Interface Design

User Interface design lives at the intersection of your brand and your mobile/web app's user experience. Good UI design deploys relevant design and UX choices for each operating system or platform it is being viewed on (ie. iOS, Android, Web).

Mobile App Development

Depending on the service or product you offer, a mobile app can be a considerable boost to your business. We work with cross-platform, U.S.-based app developers in a design-development partnership to bring the app your business needs to life.

User Experience Design

Intentional and strategic user experience has the potential to raise conversion rates by as much as 400%. Good UX design has positive impact on an innumerable amount of aspects of your business. From concept and testing to implementation, we'll help you nail your website or app's UX.

Interaction Design

Experiences that feel real, or provide visual/tactile feedback to a user action, are showing to be "stickier" than their lesser engaging counterparts, reducing bounce rate and increasing the time spent on each page/phase of the experience. We'll implement interactions that are aligned with your brand's tone to delight your users and keep them coming back.

Responsive Design

Your brand experience needs to connect with your users, regardless of where they are or on what device they're using. Responsive design ensures that your experience adapts to the screen it's being used on.

Commercial Interior Design

Commercial Interior Design connects your brand culture to those who visit your space - whether that's your employees, your customers, or both.

Retail Design

Retail Design ensures your product or service is advertised in an attractive way in a retail context, and provides vendors with thoughtful, clear instructions on how to represent your brand.

Packaging Design

Enticing, on-brand packaging leads to more retail sales. We'll help you source manufacturers and create the designs necessary to bring your product to life.


Online sales are expected to reach $4.5 trillion by 2021. Customers gravitate toward brands that provide a seamless and enticing customer experience from start to purchase.


Make a great first impression with prospects, distributors, or retailers by aligning your tradeshow set-up and print materials with your brand's identity. Then, have a focused plan of action to turn those leads into conversions.

Illustration & Animation

Though not a fit for every business, illustration and animation done correctly can strongly reinforce a brand identity and add to its memorability.

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