We, being this great collection of humans, are at a time where we’re facing some really pressing issues,  maybe more so than ever before. We have choices to make. As business owners, we need to assess where we fit in and whether we are helping to solve the issues or contributing to them. In doing so, we give consumers - and in the case of non-profits donors - the ability to make a choice where to spend their time and money.  More and more, people are paying attention to companies values and larger impact.

From Apple and Starbucks to Marc Jacobs and Bosch, companies are instituting strong Corporate Social Responsibility plans. Patagonia, a brand known for its good design equally for its environmental advocacy has become a favorite fashion brand. This is not a mistake.   Smart brands recognize their corporate philosophy can be an asset and one that needs to be communicated. These are just a few examples of companies doing good for the sake of doing good and reaping rewards for it.  Whether the intention is formed in a real value or in a desire to appeal to an audience will be, in my option, revealed over time. Consumers are savvy, quick to act, and can see through a lot of prose.

Our company is working towards only servicing impact focused companies and organizations.  It is the way we can insure our efforts, our service and our effect is one for positive change.  Clear and concise messaging, with appealing design is the only way to reach people and create brand advocates.

A focus on impact is good for business

We also see the effect of companies not using their values as integral parts of their USP (unique selling proposition). Believe me, when customers' values are in alignment with a company's, the purchase decision is made that much easier.

By The Numbers

70% of consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable brands.

86% of US Consumers Expect Companies to Act on Social, Environmental Issues

90% of CEOs say that sustainability is fundamental for success.

Design is a powerful and necessary tool for growth

For many efforts on the forefront of innovation and change in the most impact focused areas design is not really included in the thought process in how to make things happen.  We see large adopted acceptance of the importance of design when you get to the large NGO and international charity space and that should serve as evidence of the value of design,  but this is often an after-though for growing and shifting companies.

The power of a brand is immeasurable and including what you stand for is paramount.

It takes more effort and an investment in the planning and foundational phase but getting clarity on your brand’s values is essential.  Communicating those values throughout messaging and marketing will enhance your ability to engage customers, create brand advocates and drive more action.

Next Steps

Put a priority on looking at the value of your branding and invest in the resources you need to make it the changes needed to stay relevant.  If you’d like to learn more about our services please fill out the linked form to start the conversation.