America has been shifting in the last few years for the LGBTQ+ community and in the best possible ways. In fact, just a few days ago, the Biden-Harris Administration affirmed June being the national LBGTQ+pride month – a wonderful stepping stone towards diversity and inclusion for this elite group of individuals.  


To see the LBGTQ+ population proportion statistics, you can find that here.


Now, as incredibly more open to diversity and inclusion as the nation has become, there is no denying that greater representation within the workforce has been a strong ally in that ongoing movement. Creative agencies such as Arise Design have (and still are) working hard towards spearheading positive change to give the LBGTQ+ community the equal opportunities and recognition they deserve. Even more, brands that have prioritized diversity and redesigned inclusion are now reaping the high-value and brand bolstering benefits of doing so, making this transformational effort a win-win scenario for both sides.  


The Value of LBGTQ+ Equality in the Workplace


• More Brand Loyalty: According to Newsweek, 72% of the entire United States population supports the LBGTQ+ community and their rights. This means that if you reposition your brand strategy to promote inclusion and greater representation, it can become the catalyst for a larger brand following. All in all, people tend to connect with brands that reflect their beliefs and morals, and being diligent on doing your part for this larger cause can unlock much more growth potential.


• Lower Turnover: Believe it or not, 84% of surveyed executives state that a lack of diversity and inclusion in the workplace equates to high employee turnover. This reality has led to large corporations losing millions of dollars annually. In short, promoting and following through with creating a diverse and inclusion-rich workplace culture inspires unity, appreciation, and innovation to influence employee happiness.  


• Brand Becomes Part of a LargerNational Legacy: Any large company or small business can offer great services and/or products that fill the demand gaps in society. Though gaining wealth and expanding based on that is admirable, operating an organization that stands for something greater than itself is where the true gratification lies. Incorporating LGBTQ+ inclusiveness and spreading awareness through meaningful branding allows you to become a more respected business that is heavily ingrained within this legacy-forming shift.


Summary – Optimize Inclusive Design Within Your Brand Story


Right now,Americans are experiencing the very first acclaimed LGBTQ+ pride month, a massive leap towards equality and inclusion that has been long overdue. TheLGBTQ+ community has persevered through the intense realities of discrimination and fought hard for their rights to get to where they are today – a dedicated effort that anyone within that group (including allies) should be exceptionally proud of.


As for established allied organizations, take pride yourself for being able to help spearhead equality awareness and reform a more accepting society now and in the future, all while basking in the many business advantages along the way. And for those of you who are not quite there yet but are ready to reshape your brand strategy for greater representation, promote diverse workplace cultures, and achieve new levels of bottom-line growth, then the Arise Design team is ready when you are to make that happen.