Family Meals, Food Distribution and Community Assistance:

Dan Diego’s restaurant is offering family meals, brunch take out and selling groceries too!

They are in full compliance with all mandates and directives to try to serve our community in this time of need. Better yet - any size growler only $5 with food purchase  :)

Dan Diego's is also doing their best to offer free meals to those facing food insecurity.

Dan Diego’s



3415 Morena Blvd, SD, 92110

San Diego Restaurants selling complete meals you can pre-order: 

Rather than traditional take out, Luce Bar & Kitchen and Buona Forchetta are selling a complete meal you can pre-order. These curbside pickup meals have the added benefit of eliminating food and labor waste, while supporting your local restaurant community. 

Luce Bar & Kitchen 



1959 Morena Blvd, SD, 92110

Buona Forchetta 



3001 Beech Street, SD, 92102
(619) 381-4844 / (619) 208-8369

Veterinary office has changed to 100% curbside visits.

CoastViewVeterinary Hospital is now doing all visits from their parking lot. Upon arrival for your appointment call inside to do the pet’s history of injury or illness. Using social distancing protocols, a CoastView staff member will come outside to your vehicle and bring your pet into the hospital for care while the pet parent waits in their car. Your veterinarian will then be in contact with you via phone.

CoastView Veterinary Hospital


COVID Specific Page:

3895 Clairemont Dr Ste. 103
San Diego, CA 92117
(858) 914-1934

Salon providing pesticide free locally grown produce by Moceri Produce 

Evolv Salon in Pacific Beach is selling boxes of locally grown produce. Call in advance to order a box of pesticide free produce to pick up curbside. 

Evolv Salon


863 Hornblend St. 
Pacific Beach, SD, 92109
(702) 285-7265 to order