Arise /əˈrīz/
verb 1.(of a problem, opportunity, or situation) emerge; become apparent.
"new difficulties had arisen"

Our company culture is rooted in coordination and cooperation. Working through a problem, grasping an opportunity, or embracing any situation is embedded in our name. Often, however,  things occur that are out of our control - these are the times to become more intentional with how we respond to situations. 

We stand in a time of uncertainty - now more than ever we ask for you to take a moment to pause and acknowledge the positive stories that have risen as a response to our current global situation.

As a collective whole we are demonstrating high levels of cooperation:

  • Taking precautions to protect the weak - in this case the elders
  • Ongoing acts of kindness among strangers
  • Friends and family checking in on each other
  • Families spending much needed time together
  • Volunteers delivering food to those in need

So, yes, it is a time of hysteria and nerves for the unknown, but looking at the positive stories that arise due to this global situation gives us hope and grace.

Here are 3 stories that made us smile:

1. Due to coronavirus precaution, Bob Shellard isn’t allowed to visit his wife in her Connecticut nursing home. So he stood outside her window and held up a sign that said “I’ve loved you 67 years and still do. Happy Anniversary.”

If this didn’t make you go “awwwww”, then check for a pulse. We are full "heart eyes" for this man! You go Bob - true love at its finest.

Read full story here

2. Young woman helps terrified elderly couple get food. Mehra, 25, heard a woman call out to her from her car. She walked over and found an elderly woman and her husband - they explained to her nearly in tears, that they are afraid to go in the store. 

This story is a reminder that not everyone has people to turn to, so offer to help anyone you can.

Read full story here

3. Coronavirus could halt the world’s emissions growth significantly. Emissions are already way down in China, the world’s largest yearly contributor to climate change.

[Displayed Below: Concentrations of nitrogen dioxide, a pollutant released by burning fossil fuels, are down over. China in the five weeks following the Lunar New Year, when compared with last year]

In other words - mother earth is healing during this time of social distancing.

Read full story here

Do you have any local positive stories to share? We want to hear them all! #TellMeSomethingGood

To our friends, family, and clients : We invite you to read "A Letter from the Arise Design Team | Updates re: COVID-19"