We’re past the curiosity phase,  we do not need another letter from your CEO or to see what your at home workspace looks like. Sure it was fun for a while but how many similar emails have we all received in the last 2 weeks?

Enough already, we know we’re in this together!

We are currently living through a period of uncertainty that we'll never forget. Adaptability remains at the forefront. Hence why most of the articles linked throughout this blog post were created before the COVID-19 crisis and they apply today - even with a reordered society. We are trying to do what we can to help our clients and the larger community navigate this challenging time.

Here we cover the following considerations for the current situation:

- Communication strategies and guidelines need to change immediately  
- Consider shifting marketing budgets towards existing clients until things loosen up again
- Be proactive, but not redundant
- Community cooperation

Communication strategies and guidelines need to change immediately

Have you seen any ads that clearly were created before COVID-19 was a threat? It is really easy to be tone deaf right now and a shift in strategy and tone is probably in order for most companies.

We found this article by Content Cucumber to be extremely helpful. It covers topics like:

1. Nothing gold can stay - “Our voices change as we age. A deeper voice is a sign of maturity. Just like a person, a company’s voice may change with time.”

2. Five signs your current voice is no longer working - “Your audience is changing, you’re too similar (or dissimilar) from the competition…”

3. Selecting a new voice - “Before you select a new voice, you need to get a good grip on your current one. SEO is very important for online content to rank well. If you don’t have a keyword strategy, then get on that, pronto.”

Read full article here

Consider shifting marketing budgets towards existing clients until things loosen up again

It costs between 6 and 10 times as much to land a new client as it does to engage with an existing one. Are you capitalizing on your ability to reach people who already know and trust you? At this point businesses need to be in regular contact with your (their?) customers and stay connected to your (their?) communities.

In the Adobe Digital Index Report, the executive summary states - “Digital marketers intuitively recognize that existing customers are more valuable than new ones, but they too frequently fail to prioritize marketing programs designed to bring them back.”

They even threw in a little secret - “Repeat purchasers account for even more revenue during the holiday season and times of slow economic growth.”

Be proactive but not redundant

We are all getting bombarded with certain types of messages. Be forward with your clients and prospects but be authentic and cautious of repeating what many other businesses are saying.

Examples of redundant content:

“See how we’re making work at home work”

“A letter for our CEO”

“We’re in this together”

This consideration speaks for itself - marketing platforms are currently saturated with COVID-19 updates. Stay focused on communications that are strictly related to your business or community.  

Community Cooperation

We love our clients and community and we’re in this together. Our goal is (and always has been) to create strong partnerships and help our clients thrive. During this time are there any other companies that would make a good match for your services? For example, a business that would be a great fit to partner with to offer package deals? We’d be happy to facilitate introductions and partnerships.

We wish you the best and look forward to better times.