Happy National Clean Off Your Desk Day! Clean off your desk day takes place on the second Monday of January. This is a holiday that can and should be celebrated by every person in the office. Most made-up and funny “holidays” contribute to consumerism, but this one does not. Take National Donut Day for example, it was probably created by a popular Donut chain that wanted a day for peak sales…mmmm donuts… Anyway, the point is that today we have the opportunity to celebrate a very constructive holiday and everyone benefits from it!

There is evidence to support that we are a nation of messy desks. Messy desks often translate to messy minds and we don’t like that!

Chances are you are reading this article at your desk. So look around you. Do you see unnecessary paperwork, a dusty computer, an empty mug, a small plant that needs to be watered, a half eaten granola bar, an old and faded navy blue mousepad that really needs to be replaced?! Sorry got carried away…

Or perhaps you are someone with an uncluttered desk, well this doesn't meant your computer and desk couldn’t use some dusting off. Maybe start thinking of ways to improve your desk space. Plants are always good - they can improve concentration, productivity, and well-being.

We’re not exactly sure when the first National Clean Off Your Desk Day took place, but it could have been before computers. With that said, here at Arise we are taking the holiday one step further! Not only are we taking some time to clean off our desks, but we are also organizing our computer desktops and email inbox. Remember than an organized work system enhances productivity and improves health.

Here is a list of benefits from maintaining a clean desk:

  • Less distraction - ability to focus 100% on projects
  • More freedom - helps with time management
  • New Opportunity - clean desk represents a clean mind, more room for new ideas

We encourage you to set some time aside to clean your desk! Try and make it part of a weekly routine, afterall clean spaces allow for creativity to flow.