Hello there,

Today we are thinking of our friends, family and clients and wishing them all peace and calm and, of course, good health. The effects of this virus are already being felt by every one of us and it will be some time before we know the full impact.

In the near-term, at Arise we are taking the advice of health officials quite seriously and are already working from home (WFH) and practicing social distancing. We have always been a “work from anywhere” company and feel fortunate that the transition has been pretty seamless.  Please know, that we are focused on delivering services at the same level no matter where we are. If you’d like any tips on successful WFH strategies to stay motivated and effective please reach out, we’re happy to share ideas.

There are going to be a lot of changes for many of us. We are dedicated to keeping our clients as successful as possible. In some cases that means adjusting our services for a short time. For others, we are already planning what strategies to employ once events are allowed and reasonable again. One thing is certain and that is that each business is going to have unique opportunities and risks in coming weeks and months. If we work together and support one another we’ll all be ok.

Please reach out if you you’d like to talk, need a virtual hug or just want to compare notes about keeping the kids busy and stimulated while schools are closed.  Also, take a moment each day to look around and notice what is in front of you and not on a screen and assess your actual situation.  My view usually includes my family, my home, likely some food and good music, then all of sudden things don’t seem as bad.

Wishing you all the best,
The Arise Design Team

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