From San Diego all the way to Boston, social responsibility has been a rapidly rising effort that has sent businesses across every industry on a quest to foster a culture of giving. In fact, Cone Communications states that a whopping 87% of people would rather go with a business that gives back to a good cause than those that don’t. With the stacks being that high, it is no wonder why in today’s world just about every successful company has embodied a culture of giving, from their central branding tone to the face of their web design. After all, not only does this concept strengthen team structures and employee happiness, but it also enables your brand to become part of a bigger picture movement that helps bolster society as a whole.


Now, if you are an entrepreneur here in San Diego who is ready to revamp your web design and adopt a culture of giving, have some peace of mind knowing that getting to that transformational point is not nearly as challenging as you may think. To prove that, below are some exceptionally impactful yet easy to integrate tips that will inevitably help you create an empowering business culture that is driven to instill positive change.  


1.   Lead By Example

First and foremost, if you want to develop a strong culture of giving back in your business, you have to lead by example. In short, you cannot expect to have your team follow the golden rules of giving back if you are not following them yourself. For this one, illuminate the type of person and culture you want to manifest and reward those who follow that path with you.Over time, you’ll notice that your culture will begin to shift towards a more caring and compassionate tone, but getting to that point begins with you.


2.   Make Giving Back Part of Your Core Brand Values

Brand values are those rooted notions that you build your brand foundation on. So, intertwining with point #1, think about ingraining giving back as part of your core brand values that you can revolve your brand around. Doing so means you will attract the right type of people to add to your team as well as showcase to your customers that your giving back claims are more than just words – they are measurable actions you live by.


3.   Organize NON-Mandatory Volunteer/Sponsor Events

Let’s be real for a moment; nobody likes being forced to partake in a volunteer or sponsor event at work, especially if it is something they are not passionate about to begin with. Because of that, keep pushing to make a difference through various volunteer and sponsorship work, but don’t force your team to join if they don’t want to. The point here is you want to create a genuine culture of giving back, not one that is based on obligation, as that only leads to unhappy employees and high turnover. Which leads us to the next point…


4.   Involve Your EntireTeam!

Alright, you are probably wondering how you can entice your employees to volunteer or join sponsorship events out of sheer desire to leave lasting impacts. The secret to this is to opt for events that you know they are passionate about and will want to support in the first place. To do that, make sure you involve your entire team when deciding on different events to help with. That will provide you with a better choice direction that results in longer sign-up lists and will create a more appreciative and inclusive team dynamic due to everyone being involved in this higher-level business decision.


5.   Get Your Customers/Clients Involved Too

Swaying away from the internal elements, make sure to get your customers or clients united in your giving back mission too! You can do this by expanding your volunteer and sponsorship sign-up sheets to your customers who strive for the same cause(s) as you do, setting up a donation area on your web design that they can contribute to, and perhaps offering discounts/rewards for anyone who helps promote your brand’s giving back work.In the end, these external aspects can lead to exceptional brand exposure, more volunteer support, a rise in value-aligned recruited candidates, and a high probability of gaining a larger loyal customer/client base.


Summary – Join the Rise of Caring Companies

With Juneteenth just around the corner, now is no better time to get started on creating an inspiring business culture of giving that provokes advancing societal progressions across San Diego and beyond. Along with that, embarking on this re-branding and web design objective can be the very thing that advances your business both internally and externally to new untapped levels.


In summary, taking the right steps to grow and sustain a culture of giving back is a monumental win-win scenario effort that benefits your brand, your team, and your community all in one. And when you are ready to get started on cultivating a winning one of your own, the Arise Design dynamic branding and web design team is on standby to help you thrive as a company with a purpose.