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WD-40 Latin America
Preparing a country for hurricane season.

Founded here in San Diego, WD-40 is a staple in the American home, and its uses are well-known. Originally created for Convair to protect missiles from rust and corrosion, it was later found to have many household uses and eventually made available to the public. From water-resistance to lubrication to cleaning, the versatile formula has become an indispensable part of the lives of people from just about every walk of life. Its use as an aide in preparation from natural disasters such as Hurricane Cindy in the 1960s further help it to gain prominence in the United States.

This campaign was executed in collaboration with San Diego digital marketing juggernaut Katana Media, who were later acquired by an equally awesome firm, Brand Value Accelerator(BVAccel). Arise took care of the design and development of the landing page, while Katana set out the strategy to drive traffic.


Initially, Katana came to Arise with a need for an agile creative partner who could ideate, write the copy for, design, and develop a landing page for their client, WD-40. Additionally, the landing page would need to be in Spanish, since the target audience was every latin american country in which WD-40 had a presence.

The purpose of the landing page was to advertise the benefits of the use of WD-40 in preparation for, and in recovery after, hurricane season in Latin America. A social media campaign was going to be the driving force behind the awareness efforts, so the landing page was going to need to be both engaging and informative enough to keep the user’s attention.

WD-40 needed a landing page for Latin America that:

  • Followed their brand identity and style guidelines
  • Contained thoughtful, compelling, educational copy, written in Spanish
  • Included interactive elements to make the page engaging
  • Was developed on a platform that enabled Katana to continuously adapt to changing metrics and A/B testing

Getting Animated

WD-40 wanted the landing page to be engaging and interactive, and had a specific request for an animated section that would serve to show its uses in multiple aspects of preparation and recuperation from a major weather event.


After designing an attractive landing page consistent with WD40’s brand standards,  we leveraged the Unbounce platform to quickly develop it in a way that would be easy for Katana to deploy their campaign strategy. Our multilingual team was able to quickly and concisely craft Spanish-language copy that compelled users to learn more about the product and its uses.

We extended Unbounce’s capabilities by leveraging the Greensock.js platform to create an interactive animation that guided the user through learning about WD40’s uses outside the home, inside the home, as well as for their vehicles and equipment.

Owing to the effective collaboration between the three parties involved, we were able to launch this landing page well ahead of the 2019 hurricane season.

Reporting and data analysis for the campaign is ongoing.

Bilingual Capability

WD-40 was able to leverage Arise's bilingual staff to deliver on a project in Spanish for their Latin American audience.

Built to Educate

The goal of the campaign was to educate WD-40's Latin American audience about the full range of benefits of using the WD-40 product. The content layout, including an interactive animated section, was built with that goal in mind.

Custom Animation

To increase the time each visitor spent on the site, and therefore increase the likelihood they'd remain and learn more about the project, Arise developed a Greensock.js-driven custom interactive animation which touts the benefits of WD-40 across various parts of a typical homeowner's property.
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