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Scatena Daniels
Telling the storyteller's story.

Scatena Daniels is an award-winning strategic communications agency based in San Diego, Calif. Since 2009, they've proudly worked with forward-thinking brands representing a wide range of industries, including arts and culture, education, finance, healthcare, professional services, real estate, and philanthropy - such as Susan G. Komen, KPBS, National Conflict Resolution Center, Cox, The Chicano Federation, The United Way, Mama's Kitchen, and the GI Film Festival San Diego.

Led by Denise Scatena and Arika Daniels, they hold over 50 years combined experience in public relations and are strategic communicators with an excellent reputation among local, regional and national media and influencers.


We were tasked with rebuilding ScatenaDaniels.com with a new aesthetic and streamlining the content heavy nature of the old site to be more user-friendly. The new design needed to be kind yet authoritative and representative of their versatility and vast experience and expertise. They needed a simple, streamlined way of editing their content with minimal fuss to keep their small yet powerful team able to focus their efforts on providing value for their clients. Lastly, they needed a website that brought an equal feeling of cutting-edge modernness that some of their competitors’ websites possessed, to assure their customers that they remained knowledgeable about current trends and best practices in the industry.


We delivered Scatena Daniels a stunning, modern, professional responsive website built on the Prismic content management system. Prismic was chosen for its flexibility in the amount of control we could give the editors through the CMS, enabling us to provide them a streamlined editing experience that didn’t waste their time with unnecessary bells and whistles.

Through restructuring their website content, we were able to refine their website’s UX and make the user journey more compelling. By including a section for case studies, we positioned them well against their competition by pointing to real, tangible examples with some significant clientele. Additionally, we streamlined the look and feel of their blog posts to allow their readers to focus more on the article.

To enhance the overall modern aesthetic of the site, we leveraged Greensock, ScrollMagic, and Pace to enhance the website’s UX and execute a number of transitions, interactions, and scroll-triggered animations to make the website engaging, unique, and add a bit of Scatena Daniels’ personality and approachability.


The Scatena Daniels website is built on the lightweight Prismic headless CMS platform, providing faster site load, better security, and a customizable editing interface.


The website is full of small, interactive touches - such as animations, and transitions - that help bring life to the site and reinforce the company's brand identity and positioning.

A Bolder Look

While packed with valuable content, the existing Scatena Daniels website was more than several years old, and beginning to look the part. The new, refreshed look reestablishes Scatena Daniels as the major industry player they are in the San Diego.

Lightning Fast

The old Scatena Daniels website often took up to 5-7 seconds to show the website's content. Now, with the help of Prismic, the website loads in a fantastic 0.6 seconds.
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