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Sara Brown Events
An industry leader in event management

Sara Brown Events is a leading events management company in San Diego and beyond with over 20 years of event management experience. Sara and her team have worked with companies such as Qualcomm, Cisco, Cox, the American Cancer Society, The Kingdom by TaylorMade, XYO, San Diego Magazine, the San Diego Business Journal, and many more. Since starting the business in 2009, some of California's largest technology companies have utilized the expertise of Sara Brown to manage their corporate event strategies. Today, they oversee a variety of events across the country with an uncanny knack for knowing the very latest in industry and an unrivaled network of resources to make it all happen.


Sara came to us with a website that hadn't been refreshed in close to seven years. Additionally, it was a mismatch with the reputation Sara had built and the quality she was known to provide. We knew we would need to pull out all the stops and deliver her a website and brand refresh that propelled her digital presence into the same stratosphere she had reached in leveraging her personal network to become one of San Diego's most sought-after event management professionals.

In summary, Sara Brown Events needed a website that:

  • Matched their positioning and was representative of the growth and reputation Sara had built over the past several years.
  • Was simple to edit and maintain using a Content Management System
  • Was cutting edge and modern in its aesthetic and user experience
  • Restructured the content of her site in a more easily digestible way
  • Introduced a new color palette that resonated with her core audience


We knew we were going to need use our full bag of tricks to provide Sara with a website that effectively communicated her brand identity, positioning, and appealed to her audience - an audience which came equipped with an above average technology acumen and therefore higher expectations on the digital experience of the site. In order to give us the flexibility in the tools we used to accomplish that, we decided to build the site on a "Headless CMS" - Prismic.io.

Sara also felt her color scheme needed a change, and wanted an aesthetic that more appropriately matched the clientele she worked with. As part of a new, dynamic, high-contrast color scheme, we leaned on dark blue and gold hues to communicate the caché and exclusivity of working with one of San Diego's most prolific and talented event management professionals. To further enhance that aesthetic, we created a unique, modern button effect, and used on-trend overlays and overlapping elements to bring Sara's brand into 2020 and beyond. When it came time to pull it all together, we crafted the animations, transitions, and interactions using primarily the Greensock.js animation library.

Sara is a dear friend of Arise, and we're proud to have been able to deliver a high-calibre digital presence for her company.


Sara Brown Events needed a website that was high-tech, stunning, and immersive, just like the events they plan and manage. Arise delivered and end-product that matched that brand identity.

Modern Touches

The interactivity and animation of the Sara Brown Events website is informed by modern trends and best practices, an important choice given the client's positioning and industry.


Sara Brown Events' website was built on the Prismic Content Management system for optimal performance and an editing experience that is simplified and streamlined to meet the needs of a busy schedule.
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