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Katana Media (BVAccel)
A trusted partner for a cutting-edge ad agency

Katana Media was a San-Diego based advertising agency that set themselves apart with a proprietary framework of integrated tools that delivered an incredible amount of value for their clients in the form of customizability, adaptability, and reporting. Backed by strong management and a committed, energetic team, Katana was able to carve out a large slice of the advertising landscape in San Diego with a number of high profile clients, which eventually led to their acquisition by Brand Value Accelerator (BVAccel) which was finalized in early 2019.

We were a trusted creative partner for Katana, extending their in-house creative capabilities, and executed on a number of important client campaigns with them, as well as internal projects and presentation materials during their acquisition efforts.


Katana needed to partner with a digital agency that could help them extend their internal capabilities as well as execute on several key internal projects that would help position them well for an acquisition. One of those key internal projects was the redesign of their existing website.

They needed a website design that reflected their status as one of San Diego’s most influential agencies for advertising campaigns. Perhaps even more importantly, Katana needed their interconnected system of tools and platforms to be clearly and concisely articulated on their site - both for clients and for parties who may be potentially interested in acquiring the company. They needed a presence online where they could confidently direct people, that would serve to further several aspects of their ongoing operations. Lastly, they needed a website built on a familiar platform to enable their talented internal team to onboard quickly to the day-to-day management of it.


For this project, Wordpress was our platform of choice to allow Katana’s internal team, many of whom were already intimately familiar with the platform, to jump right into managing it following launch. To make things even more streamlined for the team, the website was built as a child theme to the Divi theme, giving the team even more editing ease by leveraging its page-builder functionality. 

We quickly realized that a simple static page wouldn’t be enough to adequately communicate Katana’s service offering. Using one of our favorite javascript animation libraries, Greensock, we worked closely with the Katana team to develop an interactive animation that displayed how Katana’s managed services platform could be assembled in different ways to meet a wide variety of changing needs for their clients.

Due to Katana’s acquisition, this website didn’t have a long shelf life - but we’re incredibly excited by the fact that Katana was able to achieve their objective with a bit of an assist from Arise - and that, after all, is what it’s all about.


The entire Katana website was built on the Wordpress content management system to allow for easy maintenance and updating by a team that was already familiar with the platform.

Custom Animation

Leveraging Javascript and the Greensock.js (GSAP) library, we crafted a full custom, interactive animation which detailed how Katana leverages its interconnected platform to deliver massive results.

Creative Support

Arise became a go-to creative partner for several of Katana's larger clients, including WD-40 and a large California university, as well as supporting Katana's sales efforts with collateral and fast-turnaround needs.

Interior Design

Arise Interiors, our sister company, executed on the interior design of Katana's office space in downtown San Diego, as an extension of our branding services.
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